Reliable News Sources
Weekly World News
Where else can you read about Osama and Saddam's gay marriage or drunken aliens?
The Onion
Satire, served up hot and fresh
Everything you know is wrong, so you'd better start re-learning!

Luddite Industries
• And you thought Apple was the only innovative industrial designer
MacSurfer Headline News
• OK, I admit I'm a Mac Geek. This is how I stay on the bleeding edge.
• What can I say? It's a fetish...

Creative Professionals
Frank Communications
• Graphic design and project management
• A talented Flash programmer

Burning Man
• a wonderful neo-pagan-pre-apolalyptic-raver-hippy-freak-fest (with fire)
• leaders in the culture jamming movement
Reverend Billy
• the pope of nope! founder of the Church of Stop Shopping.
Culture Jam: Hijacking Commercial Culture, the film
• a great film by a Vancouver-based film-maker
Tell Canadian Stories
• Friends of Canadian Broadcasting – there are some hilarious TV spots here.
Billboard Liberation Front
• Pioneers of altering the commercial messages you're innundated with

Danielle French
• An amazing singer/songwriter – she's going places, get in on the ground floor.
• Amazing audio-collage artists with a message
• Audio Art created from samples – it will blow your mind

MIESKUORO HUUTAJAT (Men's Choir Shouters)
"was formed in 1987 in Oulu, Finland, by a group of young men who clearly had nothing better to do." The choir currently consists of about 30 people in black suits, white shirts and black rubber ties who shout some of the most beloved tunes in the traditional Finnish songbook. Their version of The Star-Spangled Banner sounds like Aki Kaurismäki directing a choir of Marines. Truly odd.

Sunshine Village
• Best snow in the eastern Rockies, sliding from November through May!

• Word power rocks, save sounding stupid for those times you really mean it.